Do you feel there has to be more to life than you’re currently experiencing?

This 3-day event will transform your life!

7-9 Feb. 2020

14-16 Feb. 2020


Brandon Bays, bestselling author of The Journey,
comes back to Australia Only Once A Year
to hold her annual life-altering Journey Intensive seminar.
This February, you can set off on a journey that will change your life.

Three Powerful Days To Transform Your Life On All Levels

Day 1

Release Emotional Blocks and True Healing

Release Emotional Blocks and True Healing

During your Emotional Journey process, you’ll uncover deeply buried emotional blocks that have been holding you back in life. You’ll also release repressed cell memories that might have been the root cause of physical illness or emotional shutdown.

Day 2

Prompt Your Physical Healing

Prompt Your Physical Healing

From inner to outer — learn how to clean and refresh old cellular memories that have caused illness and tension. Make way for health and vitality.
This powerful healing process set Brandon free from her tumor and you’ll experience its impact first-hand.

Day 3

Gain Powerful Tools to Deepen Your Journey

Gain Powerful Tools to Deepen Your Journey

Acquire life-changing tools that will help you process real forgiveness and clear past trauma, physical ailments and generational influences.
These tools, developed over 25 years by Brandon Bays, will enrich and deepen every aspect of your life's journey from here on in life.

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Why is it Called The Journey?

The Journey method invites you to travel on a journey within your own self. It allows you to clear whatever obscures you, whatever holds you back, whatever shuts you down so that you can begin living from the freedom, the truth, and the love that is your own essence. You can only start loving another person if you know how to love yourself and if The Journey has something huge to offer, it’s that.

Journey Testimonials

Flory Stronguin, Clinical Psychologist & Brains Researcher: 
“You start one person, and after one process, just one process, you’re another person.”

Josef Kossowsky, Engineering & Change Management Expert:
“Productivity went up, response time got better, customer satisfaction improved – that wouldn’t have been possible without The Journey.”

Marina Kritzer, Executive Coach & Senior Business Consultant:
“It’s like a huge vacuum cleaner just opens you up and you can reach all the blocks that are there. You feel like a newborn.”

Shauli Yaniv, Hospital Chain Principal: 
“I was amazed by the results. You bring a new you to the work place.”

Expose & Clear Your
Silent Saboteurs

  • Heal from emotional or physical issues, releasing old hurts or trauma.
  • Connect with your emotions, and the deep truth of who you are.
  • Open to a life of trust, inner peace and present-moment awareness.

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What is The Journey Intensive?

Brandon Bays, founder of The Journey method, that has already altered the lives of millions in over 39 countries – explains the method. 

Watch the video to understand more. 

Brandon’s story – How was The Journey born?

Watch this video to find out what was the last thing Brandon Bays ever expected to happen, and how that discovery affected her life. 

At age 39, Brandon Bays was a living-breathing health machine who regularly presented Tony Robbins’ Vibrant Health seminar to thousands of people. Her discovery transformed her life completely, and it will radically change yours too.

You will learn to

  • Free yourself from obstacles and limitations.
  • Identify and release emotional blocks, quickly and efficiently.
  • Separate your actions from your feelings and express yourself in more healthy ways.
  • Pass through trauma and come out from the other side free of added blocks.
  • Expose & Clear Your Silent Saboteurs​.

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The Journey Intensive with Brandon Bays has  proven effective in all areas of your life. You will gain direct access to the unconscious subliminal programs that have been running your life up to now. These direct methods will allow you to rewrite your own life’s ‘operating system’. 

What are world class leaders saying about The Journey?

"Brandon's inspiration story is proof of the healing power that exists within every individual."

Author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

"Brandon Bays takes her reader on a journey of astounding inspiration."

Best selling author of Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

"Brandon Bays is remarkable soul and her story of healing and reconciliation is a testament to the capability of human beings."

Entrepreneur, Author & Peak Performance Strategist

Ways you will benefit

If you’re experiencing any health challenge, the Journey Intensive gives you practical tools to help heal your body and mind on a deep cellular level. It’s not a quick fix, it’s a lifestyle shift that will serve you for the rest of your life.

Once you’ve cleared out your limiting beliefs and behavioral patterns you’ll gain more confidence, clarity and have a sense of purpose that helps you thrive. You’ll have more success in your business and career.

Many of us have adopted coping strategies that make us suppress or avoid our emotions – denying us access to our real feelings. The Journey Intensive liberates you from deeply held blockages and old beliefs that you might not even be aware of.

The relationships we have with our loved ones reflect the quality of the relationship we have with ourselves. The Journey Intensive has helped people with various relationship issues create powerful bonds of true love and freedom.


About Brandon Bays

Brandon Bays is a pioneer, and the world’s leading authority on emotional healing and life transformation. Bays is the bestselling author of The Journey, a book that was translated to 39 languages and massively impacted the lives of millions all over the world. 

It was in the face of adversity that internationally acclaimed speaker, bestselling author and mind-body healing expert Brandon Bays discovered her true calling.

Diagnosed in 1992 with a tumor the size of a basketball, Brandon embarked on a remarkable, transformational and ultimately liberating healing journey. She uncovered a deceptively simple, comprehensive method to get direct access to the soul, to the boundless healing intelligence that lies inside each of us.

Brandon’s deep surrender and willingness to dive into the infinite genius of the soul allowed her tumor to completely heal in 6½ weeks without the help of surgery or drugs, and her life to profoundly transform on every level – physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

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We will send you a 15-minute video every day for 21 days to guide you through emotional & physical healing. 

Week 1: Discover how to embrace emotions and clear emotional shutdowns. 
Week 2: Uncover the ways you’ve been unconsciously blocking yourself. 
Week 3: Understand the power of cellular healing to treat your physical body.

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The Journey


How To Heal Your Life And Set Yourself Free

Enjoy a FREE download of Brandon Bays’ international bestseller. Read Bradon’s compelling story and learn how to take a journey inside yourself to clear whatever holds you back from living your own true essence.

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